Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day One: Ah, My Eye!

I enjoy the YouTube, probably even more than the regular Tube. Or at least as much as On Demand, which I don't have have, because I'm cheap. And lazy. But mostly cheap.

Once upon a time, I thought I'd regularly post some vids to the blog to share with the world. Because the world reads this blog. I know this because I'm on an internet web site, which anyone with a computer can check. And they have computers all over the world. My logic has just astounded you. Booyah. Deal with it.

Then I never posted any videos. And YouTube was still there; and YouTube was still calling. So here's the deal. In an effort to kick off the school year in earnest, and assist Ernest in going to camp, I shall post a minimum of one video a day on this internet web site, for the month of September, for no apparent reason, other than sharing the joy of short videos that you've probably already seen. Fair enough? I should hope so.

Let us begin.

I'm pretty sure I nabbed this off of Topless Robot, which is not a robotic porn site, but a weblog for geeks, who may or may not enjoy robotic porn, if Topless Robot were to offer it.

Who am I kidding? They'd enjoy it. You would, too. Robots are win.

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Keith said...

Ernest was, and still is, the only famous/quasi-famous person that I have written a letter to. I miss the guy. Know what I mean?