Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Juanuary Sanchez Post Full of Snow

There is snow out right now, but not much. January can't decide whether she wants it hot or cold. If she's not careful, God might spit her out his mouth. Or mouf. Sppppewit!

But here some December pictures of Rutland in lotsa blustery-snowiness. Also, downtown dies after 8 O'Clock. Bummer.

I work there! There is where I work!

My favorite fire hydrant! Fire hydrant #1!

Depot Park! The smallest, lamest park in Rutland; except in December when they light the trees.

During the summer, they close this road off sometimes and let lame bands play. In the upper right hand corner is the clock tower (blurry). It makes me want to scream, "The clock tower, Marty!" every time I see it at night.

Jonny discovers his flash! Use that flash in the snow, Jonny! Now you're cookin'!

Paramount Theatre! Home of just about everything in Rutland that needs a theater. (Except movies.)

Peaceful downtown Rutland, much as it looks from 7pm-5am every single day.

Just up the road. Also peaceful. With churches!

Same corner. Different night.

A side street in downtown. I guess it's not special enough for lights or decorations.

Another lame park, called Alley Park, I think. It's behind some main street buildings, and it's really just a smoking park. I like to call it Lantern Waste.

See what I mean? If I had geeky C.S. Lewis fans around here, they'd all call it Lantern Waste, too. I don't. So they don't either.

Some wicked graffiti by Lantern Waste.

Goodnight moon.

So that's more of my town. It looks much nicer under snow than it does during June. Cruel June! Why do you taunt us so!?