Saturday, November 14, 2009


Alex Belth at bronxbanterblog has a short post about Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks and nostalgia this morning, inspired by a Q&A in the NY Times with the men behind "The 2,000 Year Old Man." Check out Alex's thoughts and snippets of the bit from YouTube. What struck me most came at the end of the Times article, with this interplay between Brooks and Reiner:
Q. Sixty years later it seems you see a lot of each other now.

REINER Yeah, we got that big screen [gestures to incredibly large flat-screen monitor] to look at television.

Q. So you come here, Mel, and you watch TV together?

BROOKS Almost every night. He’s got a wonderful housekeeper-cook and we decide on a menu and a movie.

Q. What did you watch most recently?

BROOKS We watched last night “The Peacemaker.” With Nicole Kidman and, come on. [He gestures to Mr. Reiner.]

REINER George Clooney.

BROOKS Right. It was two and a half stars at the most. Good performances, very silly, you know.

REINER We look for movies with the line “Secure the perimeter.”

BROOKS Yeah, we like movies that say, “Secure the perimeter” and/or “You better get some rest.”

REINER “Lock all doors!”

BROOKS “I want a five-block seal!”

I need to watch more movies with funny friends. Seriously.

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