Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This. Is. Real.

I don't have cable. I don't have DirecTV, either. While Comcast is 97% evil, DirecTV always seemed like a sesnible alternative, and their commercials were kind of funny.

Then they got creepy.

One thing to remember, in those shots of David Spade where he's talking about DirecTV with Chris Farley's back in the foreground, that is a body double playing Chris Farley. Someone else's body is in that shot. In other words, David Spade shot his lines with a fake version of his old chum "acting" in front of him. A fake Chris Farley. While David Spade is talking. And getting paid to rave about DirecTV. With his dead friend. Or a body double of his dead friend. A friend who is dead. Paycheck words with dead friend body double. Fat guy who is not Chris Farley. Because he is dead. Paycheck David. High five.

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