Monday, October 26, 2009

New Weezer, Same Old Problems

Stereogum has a new track from Weezer online for your streaming pleasure, featuring none other than Lil Wayne himself. Honestly, his verse is the best part of the track. The rest makes me want to kick a bunny. Not a cute one. But a bunny none-the-less.

p.s. That's the closest I can get to Weezy meets Weezer. Whoopi Goldberg with that dancing guy from all the dancing movies. Cause Rivers dances...right?


Keith said...

Weezer Haiku

Weezer, where have you
Gone? You create music for
Middle school dances.

(The kind of dances that are enjoyed by kids who listen to the Jonas Brothers. Not the kind attended by the goth kids that think it's cool to tattoo themselves with permanent marker by writing quotes from ICP on their arms. Those kids are still waiting for the Weezer/Slayer album.)

jonny said...

I am also still waiting for the Weezer/Slayer album. Or better yet, the Weezer/Petra album. Because Weezer has basically become the Petra of my 20s.

I feel the need to take a shower by simply typing that sentence. Gross.