Friday, November 2, 2007

Nacht of the Living Dead

O Halloween! O Night of Nights! O saints be praised! O dead be walking! O crazies be crazed!

This week was Halloween week at the Club, which meant I got to be in the parade again! On Tuesday we had our Halloween party, then on Wednesday we marched in the Rutland Halloween Parade. (Complete with its own Wikipedia entry!) Unlike last year, however, we had an actual float this time. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of batteries before the parade began. Here are some sweet pics.

Our lovely kitchen.

Our lovely lion.

Our lovely werewolf.

A lovely game of Pass the Pumpkin.

Our lovely photographer.

Actual Halloween night, right before the parade, right before the camera ran out of batteries. In all, we had a Ninja Turtle, a Spider-Man, a witch, a vampire geisha, a vampire ninja, a fairy goth, a half-angel/half-devil, a full angel, some kind of skeleton being, Michael Myers, a medieval goth, a werewolf, and myself -- yet another vampire hybrid -- the vampire cowboy. We basically rock your face off.

(The paper took some parade pictures, though I don't think we're in them. Feel free to peruse, regardless.)

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