Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And Hugo Chavez is a d-bag, too.

Abroad, Many Hope for ‘New Chapter’ (NY Times)

In Caracas, Venezuela, reactions to the inauguration included a range of emotions. “I felt immense envy,” said Daria Carmona, 60, a secretary at a school products company. Why envy? “Envy,” said Ms. Carmona, pondering the word for a few seconds, “because we do not have a president with the capability of leaving power in such democratic fashion.” ....even as Mr. Obama was being sworn in, the police were using tear gas in Caracas to disperse antigovernment protests on Tuesday.

Yeah, you heard me Hugo. This is what a real revolution looks like.

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Jamie said...

oh my goodness. that is AMAZING! how do you discover these things? i'm in awe of your sleuthing skills, and i'm quite thankful that i'm Jamie, and not Ja'mie. Although life would be more interesting...