Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who throws a shoe, honestly?

RE: Iraqi shoe throwing incident.

This is all I could think about when I heard the news,

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kachina said...

Hi there. : )
So, I just happened to be looking through the Kaestner's Christmas photos on facebook and saw you in a couple of the pictures. I'm a creep. I'm well aware of this.

At first, I was confused. I thought you said you were living in Vermont or Maine? Then, I thought, wait, did I actually meet him or is he just an internet friend? And, if you are just an internet friend, how much of a coincidence that you know the Kaestners! Then I realized that I think I "met" you through a Michindoh Blogring of some sort.

It all makes sense now, and I have still managed to retain my status as a super creep. : )

Merry Holiday-time!