Monday, June 9, 2008

My blog pictures are cleverer than your blog pictures.

It's so effing hot in my living room, I've taken to hanging out in my kitchen. Here are the current stats:

Living Room/Bedroom Because I Don't Want To Use My Entire Paycheck For Rent: 85°
Kitchen: 76°
Outside: 72°

Temp this Afternoon: 95°
Length of Time it takes for my living room to reach temperature equilibrium with the outside world: 6 or 7 hours
Clock Time: 12:43am
Estimated Equilibrium Time: 4:00am
Planned Bed Time: Negative 1.5 hours ago
Estimated Bed Time: Never

I'm just making this junk up now, but come on. My apt sucks during the summer.

But during the winter? Free heat! Oh the irony!

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