Monday, May 5, 2008

Champions! ~ Neko vs. flops

I've decided that the only thing blogging is good for is that it gives me the unique mass-mediated ability to compare things that I like and then decide which is better or gooder or more important for life and joy and survival. It's like having my own personal edition of BM, that quarterly journal that Paco always talked about starting. Only this will be published far more often than quarterly. Not daily, though. Who has time for that?

My first engagement? Neko Case vs. flip-flops.

In this corner, Neko Case.

And in this corner, flip-flops.

I like flip-flops. I'm wearing them now. And it's, like, 41 degrees out. I also like Neko Case. I'm listening to her right now. And she never gets old. She is, like, perpetually 27 years old. Just like me. A good age for all eternity. Yep, that 27 is a mighty fine (prime) number.

27-years-old for life wins. Flip-flops are neat-o, but I could go barefoot, I guess.

Today's champion: Neko Case. With a cool bird.

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