Monday, October 15, 2007

Hubbardton Battlefield & Mt Zion

Yesterday I went hiking near Hubbardton, Vermont, visiting the battlefield for a second time (now armed with a camera), and hiking to the top of Mt Zion, which is more impressive than it sounds. It's really barely a mountain. Plus, you have to drive half-way up just to get to the trails. So it's only a 45 minute trip to the top.

Here's a view of the Taconics from Hubbartdton battlefield, the place of the only Revolutionary War battle fought on Vermont soil.

More viewy views, this time with grassy grass.

Taconics to the west, which aren't nearly as tall.

The hilly parts of Mt. Zion, in partial fall foliage glory.

More Taconic action, with Lord Actin.

Sky business!

Mt. Zion. Note the rocky rocks. I will be there soon.

And here I am, on those same rocky rocks. Call me Mr. Outback.

Finally, a foolish video I made. With Lord Acton, DP.

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Erinn Caley said...

my favorite part:

"this blood prophecy field prophecy... from Job himself..."

nice. i giggled.