Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tinmouth and Clarendon Gorge

Electric line gap. Looking down on Clarendon? I'm no good at geography.

Dobson the car, looking snug in the mountains.

Some hill. Somewhere.

Down the road from some hill. Somewhere.

The road. Hill not pictured.

Opposite of road. Another frakkin' hill.

The sleepy town of Clarendon Springs. Yes, that's really a town.

Tinmouth Mountain....Maybe.

More (possible) Tinmouth.

These I know. Danby Hill in the foreground. Mounts Dorset and Woodlawn in the back.

Beautiful Clarendon Gorge, which looked like another mountain from Google Maps. I had printouts to hike it and everything! But what I really needed was a canoe.

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