Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rutland Walkabout

My afternoon walk that took literally all afternoon. Basically I walked a bajillion miles. And took a bajillion photos. And guess what? Bajillion isn't in spell check. What a loser that Spellcheck is! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The shopping cart with the bike lock. I swear that's how I found it.

Unsecured shopping carts! Quick, someone call the police!

East Creek. Or Otter Creek. Or neither.

The River Street Bridge. I think kids smoke pot down here.

Me trying to be very modern.

It's Jesus! Or someone almost as holy!

The Harry Potter House, aka, my future homestead.

A stream of mucky water.

Rutland's version of Freedom Farm.

What service do you think they canceled?

East Creek again, further upstream -- a waterfall!

A spooky Darma station near the falls.

The falls from the opposite side of the creek -- now with more Railroad Bridge!

What does it mean!?!

A one hundred year old rock erected by the Daughters of the Revolution.

A one hundred year old society erected by Italians.

The Green Mountains. Possibly Pico and Killington.

Beautiful Rutland!

Olde Rutland!

Abandoned Rutland!

Seriously, someone needs to tell me what this building was used for.

I hopped a fence to get these pics. It felt like Beirut or something.


The future spot of Warehouse Jonny's Used Book Emporium.

More carts on the other side of town.

I don't have a clue. Deloreans?

The furniture store used to be a Montgomery Ward. History is awesome!

This store no longer exists. But the sign is still cool.

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